Winter Wedding Flowers

Winter wedding flowers are some of the most beautiful.

Even though wintertime weddings are not the most popular, they can be spectacular.

As always, the flowers in season are cheaper than others, and that applies to winter wedding flowers as well.

Some winter Flower Ideas:










Your winter blooms can be a magical part of a winter-wonderland wedding. Go beyond just flowers with your bouquets and centerpieces.

Adornments and Trimmings:

*all white or blue or red candles

*acrylic icicles


*Christmas ornaments

*white holiday lights

*holiday figurines

*pine cones

*evergreen branches

*red velvet ribbon

*Baby's Breath

Color is always important in making your wedding gorgeous. With winter wedding flowers you really can't go wrong. A classic choice is to do all white blossoms. Paired with a pale blue, silver or red accents make for wonderful winter decorations.

To help you get ideas, look through bridal magazines or go to floral shops for inspiration.