Wedding Toasts

Wedding toasts are a chance to salute the couple with heartfelt emotion and also with a little humor.

Toasting Tips:

*Fill all the glasses

*Clink your glass to get everyone’s attention

*Remember, you don’t have to reciprocrate after someone has toasted you.

*If you are nervous or unsure, get professional help. I suggest It’s a cheap and easy service to use and you will exude confidence and impress your guests. I recommend getting this for all those giving toasts.

Traditional toasts usually go like this:

*Toast the bride (usually by the best man)

*Toast the bride and groom

*Groom makes a toast

*A close friend takes a turn

*Father of the Bride makes a speech

Non-Traditional toasts usually go like this:

*Master of Ceremonies toasts the couple

*The groom’s toast

*The Bride’s toast

*The father of the Bride’s toast

*Friends or other family members turn

For a few quick ideas to say your own toasts…check out some sample wedding toasts.