Wedding Rings

Wedding rings are the romantic symbol of a marriage.

A never-ending circle, like love, that goes on forever. The price and quality of rings vary greatly.

Here are a few ideas to save on your wedding bands:

*If you're lucky enough to get your mother or grandmother or aunt's ring...that's doubly good- it's free and a family heirloom

*Silver bands are modern and very inexpensive

*Plain gold bands are classic and cheap

*Pick white gold over's a least half the cost

*Rethink diamonds-semi-precious stones are beautiful and a lot cheaper

*If you shop online-check out the site's reputation and pick a secure site with a money back guarantee.

*Titanium rings are becoming very popular

Wedding rings are cherished momentos of your wedding and of your life together. But that doesn't mean they have to be expensive. Shop around and do a little homework to find a great deal.