Great Ideas For Your Wedding Reception

The wedding reception is the time to celebrate.

Having a great party doesn't need to cost a lot or to be stressful.

Great wedding receptions consist of:

  • People you love

  • Great music
  • Lots of dancing
  • And anything else that makes it your own

Money Saving Tips:

  • Whittle down your guest list as much as possible...then do it again
  • Have your reception at home (yours, your parent's or a friend's)
  • Make your own favors
  • Have a buffet or make your own food

Your big day will go by in a blure unless you take a deep breath and stop and enjoy the festivities. If everything isn't what. Savor this moment with the people you love.

Don't stress...get as much help as you can and remember the whole point is to have fun.