Wedding Reception Decorations

Keep you wedding reception decorations simple.

They don't have to be fussy to be beautiful.

Here are some cheap ideas that add elegance to your reception:

*White Christmas lights (they are pretty cheap and you probably have some and can borrow some)

*Tea light candle


*Bunches of baby's breaths


*Plants and topiaries (which can be used after the reception to beautify your home)

*Flowers (large blooms give you a lot of bang for your buck)

*Soft lighting in the room makes for cheap and beautiful ambiance. Use your imagination with your lighting (candles, Christmas lights, room lighting) it really helps even the simplest wedding reception decorations look special.

Also if you are getting married at a hall that doesn't look particularly can drape inexpensive fabric over the walls from floor to ceiling or even covering the ceiling for a very cheap yet dramatic look.

Look at wedding magazines and decorating magazines for inspiration.