Fun And Fabulous Wedding Ideas

Cheap wedding ideas are everywhere.

The best part is an elaborate, expensive wedding isn't necessarily the best or the most beautiful.

Don't start your wedded life together in debt. You can have a gorgeous, wonderful wedding for less.

Here are a few cheap wedding ideas:

  • Hire a musical student from a local university for your wedding and reception music (ie: a jazz guitarist or violinist)
  • Get married at home or at a friend's home
  • Buy your wedding cake from a grocery store bakery
  • Better yet...have a friend or relative bake your cake for you as a gift
  • Get invitations from a party store or make them from a computer kit
  • Hire a photographer for a flat rate for so many hours
  • Use your AAA card for tuxedo rental discounts
  • Make your own favors
  • Look in consignment shops for wedding gowns, bridesmaids gowns etc.
  • Make your own hors d'ouvres and finger sandwiches for your reception (also veggie and cheese trays)
  • Use the floral department at the grocery store
  • Skip the limo and borrow a friends nice car or your own
  • Get silk flowers from Wal-Mart and make your own bouquets
  • Ask for discounts everywhere you go

Cheap ideas are not limited to these. But hopeful they will get you started and get you thinking about how your dream wedding is possible on a budget.