Gorgeous Cheap Wedding Flowers

Cheap wedding flowers are beautiful. All flowers are beautiful.

That is your advantage to saving money on them.

Wedding blooms can be bought from a wholesaler in your area. You could even use flowers from your own garden or the supermarket.

Tips for beautiful blossoms:

  • Use large blooms (you get more for the money) like: gladiolas or calle lillies
  • Use sprigs of greenery or plants from your yard like: bouganvilla or evergreens
  • Use inexpensive blooms for filler like: carnationsor baby's breath
  • Collect containers from family, friends and thrift or dollar stores

Remember, for elegant wedding blooms you could use a lot of different ones in the same color palette or you could use the same type flowers in different colors.

Mix or match any flowers and colors…it all works. You cannot make a mistake with flowers. When doing your own, you'll save tons of money without sacrificing beauty.

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There are also many different ideas for each season:

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