Tuxedos Are Tops

If you choose to use tuxedos for the men in your wedding, there are some things to think about.

Consider the time of day and style of your wedding. Looks range from very formal to formal to semi formal. Different accessories can be used during different times of the day as well.

For very formal affairs you may want coat tails, high collared shirts, fancy cuff links, and top hats. For semi-formal day wear, you might want to use a more casual cut coat and simple shirts and ties.

There are tons of ways to dress for your big day. A retailer can help you pick the right look for you.

Tips On Saving Money On Tuxedo Rentals

  • Take a look on the internet before heading to the stores. You will find a lot of coupons, deals or in-store bargains.
  • Donít be afraid to ask for something that another retailer is offering. Many stores offer the groom a free rental with the rental of the rest of the suits.
  • Visit Wedding shows and Expos to meet with vendors in the business. You might be able to do one-stop shopping!
  • Some department and menís fashion stores still do mens formal wear. Check them out too.

Donít forget:

  • Ask when your tuxes will be available.
  • Check your order BEFORE the guys leave the tux shop. Check shoes and accessories too!
  • Designate a pick-up person AND a back up.
  • Find out about any deposit, balance dues, and when they are to be paid
  • Ask if the company has a return or cancellation policy.
  • Ask when the tuxedos are to be returned.

There are lots of options when choosing tuxedos these days. You're sure to find something just right for you.