Spring Wedding Flowers

Spring wedding flowers are so romantic.

Itís a magical time of year and a wonderful time to get married. So many flowers are more plentiful during the spring.

Flowers In Season:

* Asters

* Carnations

* Gladiolas

* Peony

* Roses

* Tulips

* Sweet peas

* Calla Lily

* Daffodil

* Chrysanthemum

* Iris

* Orchids

* Snapdragons

* Sunflowers

* Anemone

There is plenty of greenery that is beautiful at springtime.

Hereís A Few Examples:

* Ruscus - a great filler to create texture in your arrangement

* Tropical Foliage- works great if you are carrying an exotic flower bouquet

* Galax - heart-shaped leafy green. Looks like a small lily pad

* Pitto Sporum - Variegated leaves. Looks good with other greenery and makes a good filler.

Wether you choose a pastel color pallette or a bright, bold palette, spring wedding flowers are some of the most beautiful.