The Mother-of-the-bride helps her daughter plan her wedding.

She is basically the keeper of the entire event.

Some of her duties are:

* Helping the bride pick a dress (that the bride loves)

*Settling money issues with the bride and groom up front (who's going to pay for what etc.)

*Talk with the mother-of-the-groom for the guest list

*Select the mother-of-the-bride dress and contact the mother-of-the-groom so she can find a complimentary dress

*You may be part of the ceremony (lighting a candle or walking daughter down the aisle)

*Give everyone ceremony instructions

*Making reservations for out-of-town guests on the bride's side of the family

*Help keep the bride stress free for her big day

The mother-of the bride is a special person. It is an emotional time for her as well as for her daughter. Help make this day a wonderful experience for everyone.