How To Find A Mother-Of-The-Bride Dress

Usually the bride will dictate what the mother-of-the-bride dress will be.

And then that usually dictates what the mother-of-the-groom will wear.

When selecting your dress, keep these tips in mind:

*Wear what looks good on you (not necessarily what is the trend)

*Shop early

*Pick a flattering style for your figure and get a good fit

*Go for comfort (it may be a long day or night)

*Don't rule out dressy pant suits

*The color should flatter the wedding party and you as well

Color trends come and go, but some hot colors right now that are also classic are:

*pink (very flattering to most people)


*black (perfectly appropriate and beautiful)

They keys to looking great are a good fit, nice fabric and feeling great in your dress.