Informal Wedding Dress

Finding an informal wedding dress is much easier these days probably because more people are choosing them.

Many brides-to-be are opting for gowns that are less formal.

Less formal gowns can be:

* short

*tea length


*pastel in color


*traditional white







*traditional fabric

*any fabric

Not only does a more casual wedding gown give you a lot more options, you could actually wear the dress again.

There are many choices for an informal wedding dress. Most importantly your dress should be appropriate for the feel of your wedding.

If you are thinking of:


*a casual wedding

*a beach ceremony

*getting hitched at the Courthouse

*getting married at home

*a second or third marriage

then an informal wedding dress would be a perfect choice for you. Your personality should shine through of course. And remember, comfort is an important element as well as style.