Grooms are a big part of the wedding planning.

In the old days, the bride-to-be took care of all the preparations for the big day.

Nowadays, the guy's family plays a bigger role in the whole affair, especially since weddings are so expensive now.

Don't let this list limit you in the role that you take on before the big day.

More and more men are being proactive in the wedding planning.


  • Purchase the engagement ring

  • Plan the honeymoon vacation

  • Co-create the guest list

  • Get gifts for the best man and ushers

  • Apply for the marriage license.

  • Pay the officiant fees

  • Choose attire

There are many choices for the groom's attire. The traditional tuxedo is still a favorite. But an elegant suit is also nice. Depending on your wedding style, you could also choose a casual suit or beach attire.

The groom’s parents usually pay for the rehearsal dinner and their own wedding attire and travel expenses (if any).

In this day in age, families are sharing the burden of the cost of the wedding. Discuss this early in the planning.