How To Make Beautiful Cheap Wedding Favors

Cheap wedding favors are always in style.

Why? Because what once was considered to be cheap looking is now considered to be cute and fun. Break away from the usual almonds or mints. You donít even have to be crafty to make your own wedding favors.

Here Are A Few Simple Ideas:

  • Burn a CD of your favorite songs. Add your picture and a song list to make it special.
  • Wrap a fortune cookie in a pretty cellophane bag for each guest. Or if you are really ambitious, you could make your own cookies and messages.
  • Buy or make a sentimental book mark.
  • Candis make great favors. Choose classic candies like Jelly beans, M&Ms, Conversation Hearts, Pez Dispensers, Bubble Gum, colorful lollipops or licorice.
  • Give each guest a scratch-off lottery ticket!
  • Candles come in so many shapes, colors and're sure to find some that make lovely wedding guest favors.

Have fun with your wedding favors. They don't have to be expensive to be nice.