Scrumptious Cheap Wedding Cakes That Are Super Easy

Cheap wedding cakes are easy to come by if you have a little imagination.

If you or a family or friend can cook...even better and cheaper.

Here are a few cake tips:

  • Bake cupcakes and stack them up on tiers like a cake
  • Make one small fancy cake and use sheet cake behind the scenes to serve guests
  • Decorate with plain icing and top with one of the following:

candy fruit

sugared fruit

edible flowers

pre-made sugar flowers (from the bakery)

Sometimes you might spot a pretty flower arrangement or a gingerbread house or a lovely gift wrapped package...they all could be used as inspiration for wedding cake designs. Keep your mind open and your eyes on the lookout.

Cheap wedding cakes are as delicious as expensive one...sometimes even more so. All it takes to make them beautiful and extra special is a little creativity.

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