Bridesmaids Be All You Can Be

Bridesmaids can be sisters, close friends or other relatives.

Being in the bridal party can be a lot of fun.

Some things attendants are responsible for are:

  • Hosting a bridal shower and /or bachelorette party

  • Making sure the bridal shower is lots of fun. is one sure way to have a great party. You'll get compliments on the games and it is so just print them right from your home computer.

  • Addressing invitations
  • Making favors or other decorations
  • Assisting the bride with anything she needs before and during her big day

Some things that the Maid-of-Honor are responsible for:

    Holding the grooms ring at the ceremony
  • Witnessing the marriage license
  • Toasting the bride at the reception

Remember this is your sister or friend's most important day. Be there for her. Be a happy, helpful bridesmaid and make the Brides day stress free. (even if the dress is tacky!)